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The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder is a team of attorneys with extensive experience in employment law matters. In addition to representing employees in litigation involving employment violations, we also provide advice and services to executives, senior managers and professionals in matters involving employment contracts and severance agreements.

Negotiation Of Employment Contracts

When an organization is hiring a new executive, it is important for both parties to clearly understand the responsibilities the position entails and the standards by which the executive will be measured. In many instances, provisions must be made, which reward performance through incentive compensation or stock options. In addition, the employment contract may also specify what, if any, responsibilities the parties have in the event that the executive leaves the company.

If you are an executive or professional who is assuming a new position, the attorneys at our firm can advise you and negotiate an employment contract. We can provide the same services if you wish to renegotiate the terms of an employment contract with a company where you are currently employed.

Transition Strategies For Executives And Professionals

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder have earned a nationwide reputation for their litigation abilities. These trial advocacy skills can prove highly beneficial when negotiating a severance agreement or when serious disagreements exist over the terms of an existing employment contract. We can advise you concerning your options and, if necessary, negotiate on your behalf, seeking advantageous terms as you prepare to leave your current employer.

As an executive or professional, your reputation will open the door to the next stage of your career. The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder will work diligently to protect that reputation so that you can advance further in your profession.

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