False Claims Act and Whistleblower Actions

The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder handles qui tam actions under the federal False Claims Act, which provides a statutory source for imposing liability on private companies that submit false claims for payment to the United States government. In addition, we represent clients in qui tam litigation under the Illinois False Claims Act.

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Federal and state False Claims Acts are a type of "whistleblower" protection designed to protect the rights of those who come forward to report incidents of theft or abuse. Qui tam actions often come to light when an employee is fired and seeks legal counsel for other issues such as employment discrimination claims. During the interview or investigation process, the attorney may learn that the employer has defrauded the government, giving rise to False Claims Act litigation.

Advocates For Whistleblowers And Employees

Our attorneys have successfully litigated on behalf of numerous individuals and employee groups who have been harmed by employment law violations. When you choose The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder to handle your case, we will work with determination to protect your rights.

Under federal and state False Claims Acts, whistleblowers may be entitled to a portion of the funds recovered. We will also seek to obtain all of the funds that you are entitled to receive.

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If you have evidence of fraud on the part of your employer, a government agency or employee or another party, you have rights. To discuss a possible whistleblower action, please contact The Law Offices of Michael M. Mulder to discuss your case.